Discover the relaxation area at the MiaDora restaurant!

There are many bright days in our life. Holidays give us the opportunity to relax and feel the taste of life. We look forward to them and prepare for them in advance. But if you approach the organization of holidays lightly, a long-awaited celebration can easily turn into chaos. Any celebration characterizes by its scale and uniqueness. And very often we want everything to be perfect: from dresses and a banquet hall to a host and entertainment for guests.

In order to make the holiday perfect, sometimes there is a shortage of a simple banquet hall. Often additional decorated areas, corners and themed entertainment are needed thanks to which guests can feel the whole atmosphere of the event, raise their spirits and relax. That’s why zoning is an important step in developing the design and program of the event. All so that guests do not miss important details, feel comfortable and were in a great mood.

Zone separation at the event is a great way to organize not only the decor but also the space of the hall, the ability to take into account all the activities that are planned throughout the evening.

The first thing that guests see when they come to the holiday is the Welcome-zone which is necessary so that guests don’t miss waiting for the start of the celebration. Usually prepare a welcome reception, decor or artists. A separate place for dancing allows guests to enjoy the work of musicians or DJ without disturbing other guests and attracting too much attention to themselves. A sweet table also requires certain conditions: plenty of room so that you can freely approach it and a certain temperature. It is better to place such zone next to the recreation area so that guests after leaving the hall to air out can be treated. Also one of the most important zones is the Lounge zone. To give their guests a break from loud music and dancing and enjoy socializing and quiet, they usually organize a recreation area where comfortable sofas, armchairs or poufs are placed.

What are the advantages of creating separate zones?

There is a possibility to divide the dinner zone and other activity zones that are planned during the evening. So the guests will not interfere with each other, no one will crawl between the tables or dance touching the chairs. The invited guests feel comfortable and at ease, do not miss the details and various events. There is always the opportunity to take a break from music, dancing or an active program. Buffet tables or sweet bars are available to guests throughout the evening and don’t interfere with the main banquet. For children developed a special program and games. At the photozone you can take a picture at any time in the evening without disturbing other guests and the program. In general the event becomes harmonious.

The most important thing is that guests are not lost in the variety of proposed activities, to designate zones it is important to provide stylized signs with the name of each site. This will help guests navigate in space and choose a zone in the mood.