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MiaDora Science 2001

18 years of experience... over 1800 of organized events.

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The food served at an event it's almost as important as the event itself

Our chefs will prepare with great care and professionalism the most elaborated dishes for true gourmands.

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Do you wish that important moment in your life was a tale ball? MiaDora will fulfill this dream.

The uncommon hall design with a capacity of 300 people, the fast and proper deserving, the quality and fineness of the menus, our staff professionalism, the positive reviews from clients classify us as the perfect place for unique events.


Corporate events, conferences

If you wish to offer your employees an event the way they deserve, MiaDora is at your disposal.

Corporate feasts are the ideal way of celebrating your company success and we invite you to do it with us!

The ambiance in which the corporate feast take place is extremely important. We know how to organize events where guests would feel comfortable, relaxed and full of energy.


Christenings, Anniversaries

The baby’s christening and the anniversary are among the most beautiful events in family life.

Let memories go free and celebrate this special day with the close ones at the MiaDora restaurant.

Unforgettable emotions and feeling are guaranteed.



The prom is the top greatest moment in high school, an emotion that a teenager would never forget.

The success mostly depends on the chosen location, and we recommend the MiaDora restaurant as the perfect place for unique moments, and satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

Latest news

Professional counseling – the key to a memorable event!

If you imagined that the process of preparing for an event would be a long and unknown journey, what would be the first thing you would think of? You should probably have looked for a guide who knows the area and destination you need to get to. Of course, you can try to travel freely, […]

1 August, 2020
Each season has its own charm …

“Nature has no bad weather.” Even if we all know this expression, in everyday life we ​​do not always manage to enjoy the time outside, being often dissatisfied. That is why most brides and grooms dream of having a wedding on a perfect day with beautiful weather. What is the ideal wedding season? It’s up […]

14 July, 2020
What do brides and grooms expect from their first visit to a restaurant?

The first visit to a restaurant for a wedding is like a first date. Distrust and a sense of suspense can easily overshadow the special beauty of this moment. What determines whether you want to spend the most important day of your life in a particular restaurant in Chisinau, and what to look for when […]

24 June, 2020
When to book a restaurant for a wedding?

“Мечты – это планы в уме, а планы – мечты на бумаге”. Если одно из самых счастливых событий – предложение руки и сердца позади, пришло время воплощать в жизнь заветные мечты о сказочной свадьбе. С чего же начать планирование? Каждая невеста, будь ее помолвка долгожданной, или спонтанной, хочет чтобы ее свадьба была лучшей. Именно поэтому […]

15 June, 2020
Unique photozones for brides with refined tastes!

„Moda este trecătoare, clasică e veșnică” Aceste cuvinte sunt relevante întotdeauna, dar mai ales atunci când alegeți locații pentru o ședință foto de nuntă. Fotografiile făcute într-o atmosferă elegantă vă vor încânta chiar și după 10, 20, 50 de ani, deoarece clasicul este mai mult decât un stil. E o filosofie specială, o tradiție aparte. […]

31 May, 2020
Joshua & Corina – a true love story!

Говорят, что любовь приходит тогда, когда ее совсем не ждешь. Так ли это? В случае Joshua&Corina – да! Именно о них наша сегодняшняя волшебная история. Он – опытный и перспективный специалист, она – умная и ответственная карьеристка, были полностью поглощены своей работой, настолько сильно, что даже 14 февраля они оба готовились не к романтическому свиданию, […]

24 May, 2020

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