What do you need to consider at an intercultural wedding!

Wedding is an event when organizing and conducting it you need to think about thousands of details and take into account thousands of small things. But if your chosen one is foreigner, citizen of another state then the preparation for the wedding if not more complicated then acquires several specific features. For example wedding traditions, choice of cuisine, the language of the ceremony and communication at the wedding.

Every nation has its own wedding traditions and surely your soulmate has already spoken about them. These traditions must be remembered when organizing a celebration. It should be noted that for the most part foreigners are very good at foreign wedding traditions showing sincere interest in them. Therefore, a wedding with a foreigner in terms of organizing and holding a celebration can be according to traditional Moldovan customs filled with national color and traditions. You can also combine the culture and traditions of the two countries which if properly organized will look very interesting and unusual. From such a wedding everyone will be delighted – the newlyweds, relatives and foreign guests.

A large role at any wedding is played by the variety of the menu – guests should have a choice. Our recommendation is to explore well the preferences of foreign guests. It is necessary to take into account the tastes of each of the parties both in terms of food and alcohol and to coordinate the menu with each other. If there are people at the wedding who do not eat meat it is worthwhile to ensure that vegetarian dishes are on the tables. For example along with chops and stuffed pig should be dishes from soybeans or tofu. Of course it’s worth considering dishes for foreign guests. They will certainly want to eat something from the traditional cuisine of their country. Also try to take into account the common dishes of European cuisine which are known to all.

It is worth considering that everyone has different tastes and foreign guests are used to drink a little other drinks at a wedding party. In order to enrich the wedding banquet and to please all guests without exception it is worth looking at such a proposal as an open bar – that is a place where all kinds of drinks are prepared at the request of the guests. For example not all foreigners are used to drink vodka or brandy so you need to hire a professional bartender who can make all sorts of cocktails, serve white, red or rosé wine. By the way you can organize a show of bartender art which will be an excellent highlight complementing the wedding.

If your chosen one does not perfectly know the Romanian language (or even do not speak it at all) the situation is saved by the host of weddings in English which will lead the celebration in both Romanian and English. Undoubtedly a wedding in two languages ​​is an event requiring special preparation. Only a true professional, English-speaking presenter, fluent in native and foreign languages as well as possessing talent and experience will be able to create the right atmosphere at the holiday and make it so that you simply do not notice bilingualism.

It is also very important to think out the program correctly so that even without knowing the language guests have fun. Try to prepare less conversational genres in the program and competitions and more visual – dancing, video, songs, pantomime. It may be worth special emphasis on the show program. That will be clear without translation. We recommend to think over a couple of entertainment rooms close to your second half and its guests. They will be pleased to see something of their own, and it is interesting for your guests to observe the unusual traditions of another culture. Of course, make sure that the music you choose not only pleases all the guests but also organically fits into the program.

In order to make the evening as comfortable as possible it is best to hire responsible personnel where the waiters in addition to their native language will know foreign, English is the perfect language which is the international language of communication. So the evening will go smoothly and successfully!

Wedding with a foreigner will be special for you and your guests if you consider all the nuances, take into account the peculiarities and differences of your cultures. Then you and all your guests will be satisfied and will remember this day for many years!