TOP restaurant in Chisinau!

Now, when MiaDora turns 18, we think we can reveal the recipe for the success of a TOP restaurant in Chisinau.To be honest, we changed this recipe countless times until we came to a result we are proud of. Here are the ingredients:

  • The quality of the food is definitely the main component, and that’s because the first reason people come to the restaurant is food.The dishes cooked from fresh products and elegantly arranged in the dishes make people feel special, and this feeling will bring them to the restaurant once again.


  • A truly professional team is just as important.The chosen ingredients will lose their value if they are not cooked properly, and the beauty of the cutest dish can remain unnoticed due to the inappropriate attitude of a waiter.During the 18 years of activity MiaDora said goodbye to many employees and selected only those who are really passionate about their profession. We can say with confidence that we have become a true united family!


  • A well-established organizational strategy makes MiaDora’s events unique and refined. It all starts with a discussion in which we aim to understand the client’s need, not the demonstration of their own capabilities.Then, based on our rich experience in organizing events and customer wishes, we develop a plan of concrete steps and allow ourselves to be absorbed in our new adventure.


  • The atmosphere represents those details that transform a simple food into art. The architecture, statues, fires, lights, furniture and unique objects found only at MiaDora – all of these impress every guest who crosses our threshold.For 18 years we have completed the exterior and the interior of the restaurant with small and big details, so one evening spent here is never forgotten!


Centuries ago Ovidius said that “times change, and we change with them”, and not a day goes by that we do not believe in the value of these words. For us 18 years of experience means 18 years of continuous change. We do not stop learning and perfecting ourselves to become the best!