Restaurant MiaDora – your trusted partner!

Restaurant MiaDora is a fabulous place where passionate love stories and important life moments turn into reality.

It is an ideal place for romantic evenings, weddings, birthdays, corporate events or christenings where columns, statues and architecture bring extra elegance, luxury and perfect taste. We have put the soul in our creation.

For 18 years of hard work, we have learned to hear the wishes of customers and implement your preferences and recruited a good team that provides excellent service, kind and cozy atmosphere and professionalism in every detail.

Have you heard that the quality of the event is judged by the details? Sometimes in order for your holiday to pass successfully you need to pay due attention to small details and events. The menu of each corporate event is discussed separately if you have special requests additional services are provided for your convenience such as candy bar, decor, buffets and drinks.

Candy Bar is a special and important element of the decor for each event. This is almost an irreplaceable detail, which all guests will remember for a long time as unusual desserts, and sweets can cheer up and surprise everyone. Everyone pays attention to the sweet table because bright colors, decorations and goodies instantly attract the eye.

MiaDora cooperates with the best providers who offer not only different types of filling: macaroons, meringues, cupcakes, marshmallows, cookies, baskets, marmalade, etc. but also colorful decorative elements and thematic design. We must say that the sweet table is not only tasty but also practical because there will be enough sweets for the whole evening.

Our decor is able to delight. Additional floral arrangements, silk textile, flowing fabrics for bowers, satin fabrics for chairs and tables, flower arches, candles, decorative furniture for various photo shoots and other themed decorations.

Live music will brighten up and dilute the atmosphere of an important event. The orchestra will perform noble classical music that perfectly emphasizes the tone of the events and will lift your spirits. Guests can drink drinks during important events. We took care of every step.

MiaDora not only offers additional services, we offer specific ideas that turn from dreams into reality so our team has gathered everything you need in one place! We offer you the services of first class wedding service providers in the city who are ready to help you and offer unique ideas and services at reasonable prices.

All this will save you strength, time and money. Your holiday will be truly elected because in addition to a suitable banquet room, an exceptional menu and excellent guests all the details will be at a high level. We always look forward to your return!