Restaurant MiaDora create an updated love story!

Restaurant MiaDora is one of the most elegant and stylish places in Chisinau. The restaurant makes accent not only on the refinement of dishes, wide menu, live music and perfect service but also on the atmosphere around, design and style!

Columns, statues and exquisite architecture bring additional elegance to every detail, impeccable taste in each of our projects. We have a unique waterfall and a musical fountain that rises to a height of eight meters. All this gives an unforgettable look and luxury to the restaurant.

They say that geniuses are able to subdue chaos. The same with space. Sometimes combining at first sight completely incompatible things, elements, materials it turns out something new that attracts and surprises people.

Increasingly we are going to risky experiments with the external decoration of our institution and we believe that a spectacular and unusual design always makes an impression and doesn’t go unnoticed.

The pursuit of excellence is our most important goal so every time we desire to create something new to surprise and delight guests. Not so long ago we began to reproduce the work of the legendary English classic – Shakespeare. In 2016 our first work was released – “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”.

Now we are inspired by another great and legendary work of the playwright – “Romeo and Juliet”. A reproduction of a classic piece will be located on the facade of the restaurant so that each newly arrived guest can admire the beauty, sensuality and unusualness of the most romantic couple in history. Of course it’s worth noting that the touching story of Romeo and Juliet awakens the imagination of everyone from poets and musicians to painters and sculptors causing a kind of competition in the works. For us this is not a competition – it is aesthetics, an art in the flesh.

Our restaurant seeks to create a unique light romantic atmosphere that will please the eye, the soul and hearts of lovers indicating that true love does exist. But by the example of two faithful lovers she does not come just like that, she must be fought for and developed in a heart.

Restaurant MiaDora can be for you an island of peace and inspiration as it is the perfect place for dreamy natures, surrounded by luxury and elegance.