Refined snacks are the secret of a successful party!

A wedding celebration is a series of organized process … From the very beginning until the last guest leaves we care about the perfect observance of restaurant etiquette which every guest and therefore our Guest will surely appreciate.

We understand perfectly that for the heroes of the occasion it is very important that their guests are satisfied and impressed with the organization of the main event of their life and talked about it for a long time.

Beauty is in the details and we will take great responsibility to ensure that from the very first minute of our stay at the Mia Dora restaurant, everyone will be provided with coziness and an unreal atmosphere.

Based on our own great experience we can confidently say that the most important moment of the celebration is the greeting of the guests. After all, the first impression can not be made twice.

And so, 1.5-2 hours of organized greeting during which each guest has time to congratulate the newlyweds, share wishes, give flowers, take a picture with them and then the ritual of serving food begins.

We attach great importance to the correct sequence of serving meals and drinks. After all, it allows you to better feel the taste of the products and the diversity of the cuisine – to get real gastronomic pleasure.

The first thing that we offer to our sitting guests who are already comfortable in their seats who raise glasses for the happiness of a newly-made couple are delicious snacks that will make it possible to deliciously neutralize the most delicious alcoholic beverages entering the body and provide the necessary feeling of satiety. And the second course is not long in coming.

Our highly qualified staff is always ready to quickly and efficiently respond to any unforeseen situations and circumstances, to solve any problems. Each member of our team perfectly possesses the necessary ethics, does everything necessary to ensure that you do not take care of anything, and your guests are in a great mood during the whole event.

We are always happy to surprise you with real culinary art, extraordinary serving of dishes, exquisite interior and exterior and of course the highest level of service.

MiaDora is the most atmospheric place where dreams come true.