How to plan a wedding step by step!

A wedding is certainly a happy event in the life of the family however in order for it to be successful you need to plan a celebration in advance. Wedding chores can be very pleasant and can become a real nightmare. You have to consider so many little things! In what format the wedding will take place, where the celebration will take place, how many guests to invite, where to place them, which photographer, presenter, makeup artist to give preference – this is just a small part of the questions that future newlyweds have to decide. Where to start and how to organize the whole process.The first thing any couple needs to decide is how they see their wedding. Lush with a huge number of guests or modest with the participation of the closest? Will you get married or arrange an exit registration? All of these options are completely individual and depend entirely on your wishes, temperament, family traditions and budget. Only after solving this issue will you be able to move on: choose a venue, wedding format and it’s design.

The choice of a suitable place should be approached as carefully as possible because the venue must meet all the necessary criteria. The main options can be considered restaurants and banquet rooms chosen by the majority of newlyweds which contain everything you need for a quality celebration where you can eat and have a good rest.

First of all the place depends on the number of guests especially if the wedding is large.

Then you should pay attention to the following points: where the restaurant (in the city or how far out of town) is. Is it convenient to get to him and is there parking nearby?

The interior and atmosphere of the restaurant. For a wedding it is better to choose spacious, bright rooms, rather than dark ones with overloaded details. Another thing if you have a themed wedding then you can choose the interior in accordance with the format.

Cuisine is also an important item when choosing a restaurant. Making the menu is a separate topic however choosing a restaurant don’t be lazy to visit it personally and try several dishes including desserts.

After choosing a place you need to pay attention to the format of the wedding, the preparation of the script, to find the master of ceremonies and artists. Perhaps themed weddings look more effective and interesting especially if the theme is chosen successfully. Then the entire script, costumes of the bride and groom, design, contests and other details are easily compiled into the program and harmoniously fit into the overall theme. If there is no desire to invent a theme then in order for the wedding to look harmonious it is enough to choose for example one or two or three colors for it and make the contests more traditional.

A professional and responsible master of ceremonies at a wedding is not just a master of ceremonies which doesn’t allow guests to drink peacefully, constantly pulls to participate in all kinds of contests and makes jokes laugh. This is the manager and coordinator of the celebration which will relieve from a number of worries and stresses of the young, their witnesses and parents.

Also include a wedding design in your sheet! Balloons, fresh flowers or paper balloons-garlands? And most important – who will arrange the room, you with friends, restaurant workers or invited experts. And where to buy everything you need for decoration?

No wedding today is complete without a photo even if there is no solemn registration, and the couple just decided to sign. Especially on a magnificent holiday you can’t do without a good photographer! How to find him? The simplest thing is to ask recommendations from friends, to see finished photos of weddings.

Whatever you choose no matter how you wish to hold a wedding the MiaDora restaurant is always at your service. We will help you with the organization and conduct of a great celebration so that each guest remembers his impressions!