How the MiaDora team manages to create a festive atmosphere every time for its guests!

Holidays make our lives more beautiful, we all love them and look forward to them every time. However, each of us has felt at least once how it is to be at a holiday and not feel that fabulous spirit that makes you happy. From this article you will find out how the Miadora team manages to create a festive atmosphere for its guests every time.

  • The experience. During the 18 years of activity we have managed to organize over 1800 events! This experience helped us to develop a detailed plan for a top level organization. We have seen many mistakes along the way, and now we can spare our customers from many unsuccessful decisions. Thus, a holiday atmosphere cannot be overshadowed by any unforeseen situation.
  • Attention to details. It is an important aspect, which starts from the first discussion with the client and continues throughout the preparation and the event. Each client is individual, and when he feels a personalized approach demonstrated in small details, he truly enjoys his holiday
  • A single party room guarantees that you will have an exclusive event. All the attention of the whole team on the day of the event is directed to a single client and his guests. This makes them feel really special, to feel that this holiday is theirs only.

  • Distribution of the party areas of the event. We are all different and we celebrate differently. That is why we have created different areas to make each guest feel comfortable and not get bored. The MiaDora restaurant has: fourchette, bar, smoking room, photo area and registration ceremony area, all being united in the same elegant style.

  • Qualified staff also influence the atmosphere of the event. When every member of the team is passionate about his work, he does it at the highest level. Thus, at MiaDora you will not get tired or dissatisfied faces, all the staff will give you smiles and sincere warmth.

  • Our philosophy during the 18 years of activity is: “Enjoy yourself, smile, celebrate!”. Any action we take is aimed at bringing customer happiness, since we know that the sincere smiles of those present at the event contribute to the creation of the holiday atmosphere.

  • Decor also play a very important role in the spirit of the holiday. We entrust the decoration of the MiaDora restaurant room only to the most talented specialists in the field, and use refined elements, such as live flowers, to create a luxurious look.

  • Exceptional interior and exterior lighting helps us turn events into real shows. Modern technologies allow us to create special effects, so that guests feel the story, and the photos look phenomenal.

The famous Oprah Winfrey said: “The more you celebrate your life and the more grateful you are, the more reasons you will have to celebrate in your life.” frequently! In this context, The MiaDora team wants you to enjoy and delight life as often as possible!