How MiaDora’s team manages to adapt to the requirements of its customers!

If we compare restaurants with theaters, then we would say that some of them play the same classic pieces for years, others attract audiences with provocative plays, and MiaDora would be a theater based on improvisations. Here the guest is a star, and we show him the unique show, created exclusively for him.

In this article, we want to open the backstage and tell you how MiaDora manages to adapt to the needs of its customers.

Since people come to the restaurant first and foremost to enjoy the food, the main way to show our flexibility is the menu. That is why at the first discussion with the client we strive to find out as many details about the guests of the event.

Here are some basic criteria that we take into account when choosing the menu:

  • The number of guests, and especially the number of women and men. The choice of the pieces and the size of the portions depends on this information. And if it is an event where families with children are invited, such as christenings, it is very important to be present and dishes suitable for the guests of old age.
  • Guest preferences.In the discussion with the client, we place great emphasis on this aspect. We help him remember which of the guests is vegan or vegetarian, the follower of a religion that involves certain restrictions or the inhabitant of a country with specific a food. The professionalism of the team allows the preparation of the special menu for such persons, and they feel very special when they see that the person who invited them has thought of them, respectively, and our client manifests himself as an attentive and welcoming person.
  • The period in which the event takes placeis equally important. For example, if the event is planned when many are fasting, consider this and prepare more meatless dishes. Or it may be spring when many suffer from allergies, and we should avoid using foods that would cause allergic reactions. Seasonality also influences how tasty the dishes will be. In summer, light, fresh food is preferred, and in the colder season, more meat and hot dishes are eaten.
  • The Budget. The rich experience and professionalism of the chefs made it possible to create different types of menus. Depending on the client’s possibilities, MiaDora offers dishes from more accessible or chosen ingredients, all of which are very delicious and elegantly arranged.
  • The concept. At MiaDora we are open to any innovative ideas of our customers.

Due to the vast knowledge, we can prepare a meal that contains traditional dishes from other regions. This approach is appropriate when a themed event, such as a Mexican party, an American party or any other non-traditional holiday, is happening. And the creativity of the chefs can transform even well-known dishes into a whole new form, so as to please the older guests with conservative tastes.

MiaDora’s ability to adapt to all customer requirements is also due to the technical capacity of the restaurant. For us, it is a priority to be up to date with all the preparation techniques and new equipment in the field, and we invest with pleasure in equipping the restaurant.

This allows us to always surprise you, 18 years in a row!