Corporate party!

A company party is like fire: it’s flames can mindlessly burn the budget down, or it can unite, like bright and hot bonfire gathering cold people. You choose what effect it would have! So in this article we’ve collected possible mistakes to happen and how you can avoid them and how to plan the best party ever.

The reason of the event is crucial for ongoing steps, so at first you need to think for yourself: “Why could it happen?” We can think of new product release, team building, seminar, or just to say big thanks to everybody in the team.

Concept choosing has tight bonds with the point of the meeting, but it has emotion factor in it. At this stage MiaDora team comes up with original and creative ideas. We like to make your parties unforgettable, so even after a long time you will still remember how spellbinding it was.

Budget control. Tell us about the amount of money your company is ready to provide and we’ll develop individual offers for you. Also, we can share our experience with you, and give an advice where you can go cheap, and where you must pay more to keep company reputation positive.

Finding perfect place means choosing exclusive location which is easy to get to, with fine cuisine, and privacy zones, where you can discuss your projects and networking. MiaDora restaurant meets these needs, being based in Botanica, decorated with elegance, has zones and all the technologies you need. That option will show company positive status, great taste of the leadership and will give your team the feeling of importance.

Entertainment program – is an important part of the party, because it’s main purpose is to get people relaxed. For 18 years we’ve got a base of the best hosts, singers, dancers, DJs and other teams, who know how to entertain people. We are ready to help you in choosing the right team by the age of the invited, company image and personal preferences.

Surely, you need to choose a menu very closely. In MiaDora we will provide you with numerous amounts of menus and types of servings, which you can adapt to your budget, visitors and concepts, supplementing the event style with our consultant.

By investing in a company party at MiaDora, you are investing in emotions of your employees: you unite them, motivate them, make them proud of their company, and their respect for you raises. At the end, it is all paying off with loyalty, productivity, and optimism in the team : with the things, that you can not buy with money.