A vegetarian options at the wedding reception!

In the modern world our usual dishes have gone far beyond the ordinary, and cooks prepare a variety of masterpieces even without the use of meat. Therefore, in order to please all guests without exception it is worth expanding and diversifying the menu with meat-free dishes. After all any self-respecting institution includes vegetarian dishes on the menu. And not only salads and side dishes but also delicious snacks, main dishes, and even pastries and desserts.

Many people doubt about the vegetarian menu worrying that the table may be scarce. In fact if you approach the menu correctly a banquet that includes dishes without meat can be very tasty, satisfying and varied. And some guests will not even feel the absence of leg of lamb and kebab.

If you don’t know which dishes will be exactly like vegetarians, you can always start with cold appetizers. Vegetable salads with sauces and spices will create a mood for the upcoming main dishes. More nourishing cold appetizers – salads with the addition of boiled lentils, chickpeas, beans, nuts. Also small pies will do – dough is made without adding eggs. Salads with the addition of avocado and tofu are nourishing and tasty. Couscous with vegetables can be served as a cold or hot snack. All kinds of canapes without bread or on cereal biscuits are an option for a vegetarian buffet.

Restaurant MiaDora also offers vegetarians the most delicious snacks, cold and hot dishes. For example risotto with mushrooms based on coconut milk as well as couscous with baked eggplants and tofu.

Such a hot dish as broccoli casserole, potatoes and mushrooms is also perfect for banquets. You can make vegetables – tomatoes, eggplants, zucchini and corn and grilled mushrooms and serve with a sweet and sour sauce based on olive oil. Pumpkin chunks baked with garlic and served with chickpea garnish under tomato sauce – a rich and healthy dish. Beautifully look on the table pots with baked stew of vegetables.

Not all vegetarians adhere to the “non-alcoholic diet.” Some still allow themselves to drink wine or something stronger especially on holidays. If the banquet is planned non-alcoholic then in this case it is necessary to enlist the support of the bartender. He should really surprise the guests by offering extraordinary cocktails. For example classic fresh juices, punches, chilled fruit and herbal teas, non-alcoholic beer and non-alcoholic champagne.

Contrary to all disputes, vegetarian dishes turned out to be varied and tasty. All sorts of steamed vegetables, curry, couscous, stews, casseroles, various sauces and desserts will look organic on a festive table and the taste of dishes will delight absolutely everyone!